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About Mist Media

We are a Digital Media company located in Dublin, Ireland. We’ve won a ton of awards and create beautiful media, products and digital strategy for our clients around the world.

Video Production

At Mist Media we create beautiful video. We pride ourselves on producing high quality video that reflects your brand and engages the viewer.

Digital Strategy

We’re a team of tech enthusiasts who have built our own successful digital media startups for over 8 years so we know the landscape and what will and won’t work for your brand or business online.

Digital Products

At Mist Media we can help you to develop your digital product, whether it’s a web app, mobile app or TV app. We can simply consult on the roadmap or take on the project from start to finish.


We sometimes invest in a digital product we believe in. Deals can vary from pure cash investment to an equity position in exchange for services, but we always represent smart money!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. 



We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.



Flight Club

Flight Club

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Hello Vinyl

Hello Vinyl

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DevAid Partners

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Little Man Can

Little Man Can

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Some of our Clients

Eile Mental
Applied Merchandising Concepts



DevAid Partners
Flight Club


Want to join us and work on exciting digital projects?

We currently have no positions available but we’re always interested in talent, so if you feel you would be a good fit for Mist Media send us your CV and a cover letter to talent@mistmedia.com.

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